About Marom Association

      Marom Association as established in the year 2000 by education visionaries with an aim
      to foster students with learning disabilities who have difficulties in making use of their
      abilities in formal education.
       Marom Association was designed with an eye toward
      teaching and educating kids who were not accommodated
      in the mainstream schools.
       The Assocoation operates Marom high school for students
      in 10th-12th grades and meets the educational
      needs of diverse student body in their studies for the
      Matriculation Exam, providing them with the necessary
      tools and aiding in obtaining tuition scholarships.
       The Association operates a Diagnistic Centre and helps with payments for the evaluation
      process starting with the preparation for the first grade in the Elementary schools
      and ending with psychometric dispensations for students with limited abilities.
       The Association also operates a Training and Enrichment Centre for academic staff, employees
      and youngsters with learning difficulties, diagnosed with ADD/ADHD

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