• About Marom

    Marom is a non-profit organization, founded by visionaries in 2000 with the purpose of educating and advancing students with severe learning disabilities and special needs. Marom is involved in the various stages of the life of people with learning disabilities – from initial diagnosis, through working with parents and educators, providing an alignment of preparation to matriculation exams, to providing occupational training for adults with learning disabilities.

    Marom actions are driven by the belief that everyone is capable of succeeding when given the right conditions and that society must strive for and enable truly equal opportunities. To achieve these goals, Marom is active in raising funds for student scholarships,  procurement of advanced learning equipment, books and more.

    At Marom we believe that the key to self-realization and successful integration into society is accumulating positive experiences, restoring self-esteem and believing that when there's a will, the sky is the limit.

    Marom operates number of programs:

    Marom High School
    The Marom High School enrolls students in grades 10-12 with severe learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders (ADD & ADHD). Marom serves as the final alternative for these students, who as a result of their disabilities dropped out of the regular education system, and were on the brink of discontinuing their high school education altogether. Marom High School provides them with individual attention and lessons conducted in small groups of up to 12 students, allowing each student to advance according to his/her own pace and ability. The classes are geared to opening opportunities for academic studies by achieving success in the matriculation exams.

    Marom Treatment Center
    The Marom treatment center provides treatments related to the learning disabled difficulties, from Coaching for adults and adolescents with ADD/ADHD, through occupational therapy focusing on Raked – Motor difficulties to Expressive therapy.

    Marom Training center
    The center offers courses, workshops for parents and educators about subjects related to learning disabilities and adolescents.  There are parents' support groups, and social interaction workshops for kids' ages from elementary school to adolescents. In addition, the center offers an occupational training for adults ages 18 and up, who fail to persist at jobs, to be accepted to training courses and to be independent in their adults' life. The aim of the training program is to lead its participants to be independent in their parents and to be able to support themselves financially.
    About learning disabilities
    Students with learning disabilities and ADD (Attention Deficit Disorders), although usually with normal to high intelligence, face many challenges, including reading and writing difficulties, attention deficit, hyperactivity, inability to distinguish between details and/or difficulties in filtering out stimuli. They find it hard to sit in a classroom and learn under conventional methods and they are often labeled as stupid or lazy. Even after being diagnosed, they have difficulties in keeping up in class and functioning equally to their peers. Their disability often leads to feelings of failure and guilt, low self esteem, helplessness and despair. When not treated properly, these negative feelings are manifested in behavioral problems, self destruction (such as drug or alcohol abuse) and even suicidal thoughts. At Marom, these students can realize their potential as they gradually start experiencing success in the classroom.